filtered map made from photograph of Section I Map of Brush Creek Cemetery row1stone1 row1stone2 row1stone3 row1stone4 row1stone5 row1stone6 row1stone7 row1stone8 row1stone9 row1stone10 row1stone11 row1stone12 row1stone13 row1stone14 row1stone15 row1stone16 row1stone17 row1stone18 row1stone19 row1stone20 row1stone21 row1stone22 row2stone1 row2stone2 row2stone3 row2stone4 row2stone5 row2stone6 row2stone7 row2stone8 row2stone9 row2stone10 row2stone11 row2stone12 row2stone13 row2stone14 row2stone15 row2stone16 row2stone17 row2stone18 row2stone19 row2stone20 row2stone21 row2stone22 row2stone23 row2stone24 row3stone1 row3stone2 row3stone3 row3stone4 row3stone5 row3stone6 row3stone7 row3stone8 row3stone9 row3stone10 row3stone11 row3stone12 row3stone13 row4stone1 row4stone2 row4stone3 row4stone4 row4stone5 row4stone6 row4stone7 row4stone8 row4stone9 row4stone10 row4stone11 row4stone12 row4stone13 row4stone14 row4stone15 row5stone1 row5stone2 row5stone3 row5stone4 row5stone5 row5stone6 row5stone7 row5stone8 row6stone1 row6stone2 row6stone3 mausoleum1 mausoleum2 -->